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Florence Design Academy: Design school in italy, Florence


The Florence Design Academy


Welcome to the Florence Design Academy, Italy' s most renowned design  school and  one of the world wide best ranked places to study interior design, graphic design and industrial design.  We are the symbol of  modern learning and a creative melting pot of international students and brilliant minds that come from the entire globe to meet together. Here you receive a modern and advanced education and you will  be part of a group of professionals that will become your second family. Our lessons are taught in traditional classes AND ONLINE CLASSES. The ONLINE students can interact with the teachers in a live stream or watch the lesson later.



Reasons of Success of our Design School


  • our teachers are professionals of the real world of design and share their experience and knowledge with the students


  • our students work world wide as designers, art directors and professors and run with success their own design companies. Click here for reviews


  • We offer traditional lessons in class and ONLINE lessons. The ONLINE students can interact with the teachers in a live stream or watch the lesson later. We  teach all our lessons exclusively in English language


  •  we are located in the heart of Florence, playground for designer and artist of the past and future


  • We give importance to every single student


  • we are a multicultural community that will become your future design network and our students come from over 80 countries


  • very friendly and professional environment


  • we constantly challenge ourselves and our students to be on top of the edge


  • our student's project gallery and their world wide success is the evidence of our quality


David of Michelangelo in Florence, Italy


Our Design Courses taught in traditional classes and online classes


We offer three main design branches at Academic and Master level: Interior Design, Industrial Design and Graphic Design.

The lessons are professionally structured in theoretical lessons and lessons with many practical hours in order to  ensure students the knowledge for success in an international and competitive market. An Italian language course is open for free to students of the design courses of the F.D.A.


  • The academic programs are open to students of all ages with no design experience or previous studies in the field of design and can be chosen at 3 different course durations so that the students can choose the length that suits better for their needs and expectations: one year, two years and three years. The three-year program is intensive and incorporates a Master level study program so that students will receive a Master at the end.


  • The Master programs are open to student that have a bachelor degree and have a duration of one academic year.


  • Master students have an additional option and can decide to apply to a special program to get a dual Master of the duration of one academic year. More information of this option can be found in the Master programs.


Here below you can choose the design program of your interest.

Brunnelleschi, the great designer that made the Duomo of Florence
Florence Design Academy
Logo of the Florence Design Academy
Florence Design Academy: Design school in italy, Florence
Florence Design Academy: Design school in italy, Florence