The City of Florence and spare time


Florence is one of the best known and most loved cities of the world and very safe for students. It has a history of over 2000 years and is the symbol of art and Italian lifestyle.

Its artistic treasures and architectural masterpieces attract huge numbers of students each year and is an inspiration for thousands of designers and artist.

It offers many possibilities to spend the time after lessons in an constructive way and students visit gyms, theaters, parks and gardens and museums.

Florence enjoys a vibrant nightlife and offers many discos, trendy bars and life music.


Housings and Accommodation in Florence


The Florence Design Academy will assist you to organize and find a housing for your study period. We offer this service of assistance for free and put the students in contact with landlords that we know since many years or  trusted housing agencies. The students will stay in a full furnished apartment.


Housing Prices:


  • cost for 1 room in a shared apartment: +/- 450 Euro / month
  • cost of a share room (2 students per room): +/- 200 Euro / month
  • cost for a single apartment: +/- 700 Euro / month
  • the research of housing takes generally 2-3 days including the agreement with the landlord. During this time we suggest you to stay in a hotel or hostel. A good site to find a place is trivago on the web


Weather in Florence


Florence has hot summers with moderate or light rainfall and cool, damp winters.

During the study period  the highest average temperature is  +28  °C ( 82 °F), and the coolest average temperature (winter) is  +5°C ( 41 °F).





Health Insurance


During the orientation day we will assist you in filling out the forms for the insurance. As for the health insurance we normally recommend INA ASSITALIA: this is a rather inexpensive insurance, and all Italian embassies accept it. Cost: six months  +/- 50 €, one year+/- 100 €. You can buy it at any post office through a “bollettino postale” (a sort of postal payment form). At your arrival we will assist you to get it, don't worry.



Orientation Day, infos about Food and Transportation


We wish to meet you for an orientation day before classes start to explain you the school rules and give you information about Florence, supermarkets, transportation and many more.

There will be orientation days 7 days before classes start. Please come a few days before so that you can sign your name for the meeting. Should you arrive later don't worry, the secretary will in any case explain you all important information.


Important places in Florence and around the FDA



Santa Maria del Fiore ( Duomo)


It is not easy to abbreviate the history of this church whose works started in 1296 by Arnolfo di Cambio Many artists have worked for Santa Maria del Fiore, such as Giotto, Donatello, Paolo Uccello, Ghiberti and Luca Della Robbia. The church is especially important for the dome which probably is Brunelleschi's most meaningful contribution to Renaissance architecture. Even though the most important works of the Cathedral have been transferred to the near "Museo dell'Opera del Duomo", Santa Maria del Fiore remains a very important museum for its stained glass windows, its sculptures and decorations.





Santa Croce


Florence is one of the best known and best loved cities of the world.

Its artistic treasures and architectural masterpieces attract huge numbers of visitors each year, and there is really no season when the city is empty of tourists, although the summer months are certainly the busiest. Those who can choose their time do well to come in early summer or autumn, when the weather is most temperate, and the crowds slightly less dense. However, Florence is a wonderful city to be in at any time of the year.

The historical part of the city is largely contained in quite a small area, and very many of the places you will want to see can be reached easily on foot. Indeed there are restrictions on traffic in the historic centre, although this does not deter many moped riders who may make your walks extra exciting.

As well as its art and culture, Florence has wonderful shopping, peaceful parks, excellent eating, an exhilarating atmosphere and breathtaking views.





Piazzale Michelangelo


A wide terrace from where it is possible to admire one of the most superb views of the city nestling in the Arno valley, surrounded by gently sloping hills. In the centre of the square stands the Monuments to Michelangelo (1875) with a bronze reproduction of the four statues depicting Day, Night, Dawn and Dusk, dominated by the statue of David. On the hill behind Piazzale Michelangelo stands the Church of San Miniato al Monte




Ponte Vecchio


In the 1500's the rows of small houses on each side of the bridge became home to over 40 goldsmiths practicing traditional Florentine skills. The band, the clip and the nib are engraved to honour Benvenuto Cellini, the most revered Florentine goldsmith whose statue stands at the center of the bridge. This bridge has always been loaded with shops like those now propped over the water . Ponte Vecchio's arts collections includes fountain pen, ball point and roller. Above the bridge, a private corridor (Corridio Vasariano) rests over the bridge. This corridor was built by Giorgio Vasari which links the Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Pitti via Uffizi. The corridor can be seen from the Uffizi Galleries as it joins the Plazzo to the bridge. It allowed members of the Medici family to move about between their various residences while adimiring the painting without having to step into the streets and mix with the crowd. At one end of the bridge, there is a Mannelli Tower which was built to protect the bridge. Vasari's private corridor goes around the tower since the Mannelli family stubbornly refused to demolish the Tower to give way to the corridor.



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