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The Florence Design Academy


The Florence Design Academy is very proud of the results of thousands of students that became designers, art directors and professors around the globe. Together we gave to our students new professional opportunities, higher salary possibilities and a personal development with a better consciousness. We are glad to present you a few comments that our students wrote about us.


Comments and reviews


  • The FDA has encouraged me in every way to maximize my potential and has such close relationships inside that I felt like I was in my own studio whenever I was there. It gave me the opportunity to discover my talent and build up on it. Surely the gorgeous beauty of Florence is another factor that gives the inspiration and desire to design and create. FDA also found out job opportunities to test ourselves and practice like workshops.

- Soner U.-



  • I couldn’t have chosen a better school! With the professional tools you learn to use you can create and do amazing stuff.

- Anders H. -


  • In one year I spent in FDA I could feel a major growth in myself not only professionally but also personally. The school environment allows you to be always around the teachers who will be willing to help you improve your skills any time you need.

- Helena K. -



  • I got my lifetime opportunities in FDA, with all the support I got from my instructors. All good memories, all best experience, at the end power to chase the dreams.

- Cagri S. -


  • The Florence Design Academy has helped me to consolidate my creative work into a professional portfolio. Their focus on nurturing individual talent helped me, as a student of design, to work on areas which interested me the most. They constantly upgrade the systems with the latest versions of the software in the market while the professors spend considerable amount of time updating themselves on the new features, so that the students are a competent advantage to the industry.

-Tanya G.-


  • ...with Florence Design Academy's intimate class sizes, I was able to receive the attention I needed to excel. My professors gave me the guidance while allowing me the freedom to create...

- Marco G. -


  • ...I did my masters in Interior Design in Florence Design Academy in 2004. It was a great experience. After I left, FDA helped me in many ways. With my qualifications which I obtained I was able to find a job easily in my country. FDA also helped me search for a job after I graduated in countries such as Dubai. FDA staff and teachers work with their students and help them even after they graduate and leave the school. Over all it’s a very friendly and educational environment and was worth every second of my time..

- Rimi K. -


  • ...I have studied Interior Design Master Course at Florence Design Academy in 2004. I had an architectural degree and work experience in the interior design field before. The course of FDA improved my skills with the help of talented and experienced teachers. Now using 3D modeling for the concept designs makes it easier and faster for me to express the projects and convince the clients...


-  Burcak S. -


  • ...competitive, friendly and the teachers were always one call away! There you go, that's my three words even thought it exceeds three...

- Philip A -


  • Before i started the academy I didn't even think about the high level I reached after only one year of studying. As Italy is known for design, having attended a design-school there, will make it easy to find a good job. I liked the way I was supported during the creative process.


-  Johannes J. -


  •  F.D.A covers much more than any other academic school in one year... I am so pleased to have spent my time at F.D.A as it has opened so many opportunities for me


-  Christian B. -


  • FDA has opened up for me new horizons in the design field

-   Tetyana K  -




  • FDA helped me getting a new and better position in the office I used to work before in Brazil. ...after I came back from FDA I started to work also as furniture designer


-   Bruna P.   -


  • To become competitive in the field of design it is necessary to be talented, but it is very important to have the right knowledge and tools to realize the ideas. F.D.A taught me the right way to optimize my creativity. Thank you F.D.A

-   Bruna P.   -

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